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This is a sideblog to pxttillo


She blinked her brown eyes slowly. She didn’t really want to walk around anymore, her legs had enough exercise for the day. She pulled up her saggy shorts once more before slowly walking closer to him. “Alright.” What was the worse that could happen, anyway.

      He led her through the building, introducing her to Geoff, the rest of the AH guys, and a few Rooster Teeth employees as well. He stepped into one of the offices. “This is where you’ll be working.”


MiQ jumped, her hands instantly going up to protect herself until she saw the man’s smile. Breathing a little she dropped her hands before smoothing out her shirt. “Hey…Yes, I’m MiQ. Going to Game.” she could hear her accent still as thick as ever, she just hoped he understood her well enough. The girl took his hand as she fixed the bag on her back. “Is this the place?” 

      “Yep, welcome to the Rooster Teeth offices.” Todd presented with a sweeping arm. “If you follow me, I’ll show you around, and introduce you to a few people?”


Deep Breaths. In and Out.

The girl stood on the front steps of the building, looking at the door with a nervous expression. Oh shit, she hopes her English is well enough, she prays to god they can understand her. Fuck, this skinny-ass asian girl was just being silly now. MiQ pulled up her sagging shorts, running a hand over her face before taking a step into the office. As soon as she stood still, she took a deep breath before letting herself smile.

So this is Rooster Teeth Office.

       Todd huffed, and stood. “I’ll be back. The new kid is supposed to be here soon.” He called out to Geoff, receiving a simple grunt in response. He headed out to the front door, spotting the smaller woman standing uncertainly. “Hey,” He gave her a smile, offering a hand. “You must be MiQ?” He asked. “I’m Todd Hurst, and editor here at Achievement Hunter.”